2020 Virgo Astro Nidra: Deep Rest and Digest

Virgo lives in the digestive system and we have a lot to digest lately.

This Virgo season we have the Leo Lunar Cycle driving our emotions and intution. It's such a beautiful combination to have our heart's purpose roaring through our system with the hard work of Virgo to bring it to life. We use this time of year to transform our routines into rituals, to re-organize our physical spaces and this year specifically, to fight for what we believe in.

By giving your digestive system a chance to discern what you let in, give yourself permission to change your mind, to breakdown complex inputs, absorb and assimilate what nourishes you & release the rest, you'll be much more clear on your way forward in these confusing times. 

Remember: Rest is Radical

Healthy digestion happens when we're able to relax & we need to be able to release everything toxic, in excess or unnecessary.