2020 Scorpio Astro Nidra: Own Your Healing with Essie Jain's Oh, I Love You

This Scorpio Season is intense. We are coming to a culmination of the Mars Rx journey and one of the main messages is that we have to own our experience whether its our health, our creativity, our relationships, our sexuality or our healing. 

This astro nidra is to help align you with you owning your healing, In this practice you will call upon your invisible support team: Some one to protect your healing space and one to four people to assist in your healing.

We living in a world that puts an enormous emphasis on the material world, but the world beyond form is far more dominate and extraordinary, all we need to do is learn to tap into it. While, yes, I am asking you to own your healing, to own it is to decide that you're worthy of it and then to open yourself to receive the help of your loved ones from the other side. From their vantage point, they see more, they have infinite resources and they can help you. All we have to do is set the curcumstances and allow it to happen.

Two thirds of the way into practice, you'll hear a song with an important message. That song is by the one and only, Essie Jain. Oh, I Love You. The music does not run through out rather, it is placed intentionally to add to your experience when the instructions I give come to a long pause.

I hope you enjoy!