2020 Libra Astro Nidra: Dissolve Anxiety + Judgement

This Libra Season is INTENSE.

Although Libra is popularized as the archetype of relationships, harmony and beauty - it is also the archetype of social justice, judgement and mediators. Libra lives in the kidneys and the diaphragm. 

Your kidneys filter all your fluids, release excess and clean your blood before sending it back to your brain. Some teach that it is the Mother of all organs. And others have named it as a gland since it produces hormones. This Astro Nidra has you exploring your kidneys and the adrenals that rest on top of them. You'll have a chance to breath air around any living anxiety in order to release it and dissolve your judgements, both of self and other.

What lives behind those judgements is given a chance to reveal itself.