Leo New Moon Circle
ALL ACCESS: Pranayama with Kat Villain
ALL ACCESS: Katonah with Kat Villain
ALL ACCESS: Mythological Hypnosis with Nadia Diamante
ALL ACCESS: Lunar Flow & Astro Nidra with Julien Elizabeth
ALL ACCESS: Sunday Sanctuary with Jana Roemer
ALL ACCESS: Prenatal with Kat Villain
ALL ACCESS: The World of Dreaming with Sasha Bahador
Leo Astro Nidra 2020: Drama Management
Attune to the Moon Physical Journal Calendar 2020-2021
Cancer New Moon Circle 2020
Cancer Astro Nidra 2020: The Seeds
Mercury Rx in Cancer Astro Nidra
HERstory: Aquarius Full Moon With Sasha Bahador
Gemini Astro Nidra: Quantum Community 2020
A Walk with the Moon - an Astro Course - Electronic Version
Gemini New Moon Circle
Scorpio Full Moon - May 6th
Taurus Astro Nidra 2020 - Inner Sense
Chiron - Mythological Hypnosis with Nadia Noir
Taurus New Moon Circle - April 22nd
Reiki Circle with Mark Roemer
Libra Full Moon Circle - April 7th 11:30am PST
Attune to the Moon Digital Astro Journal 2020-2021
Aries Astro Nidra - The Face Off (2020)
Aries New Moon Circle 2020
Pisces Astro Nidra - Embody the Lymphatic System (2020)
Mercury Rx in Pisces - The Day Dream - Music by Essie Jain
Aquarius Astro Nidra 2020 - Cellular Breathing
Capricorn Astro Nidra - Awaken the Divine Ear - Bone Deep Listening
Sagittarius Astro Nidra 2019 - What lives beyond the beliefs?
Scorpio Astro Nidra 2019 - Transformative Feeling
Libra Astro Nidra 2019 - Restoring Balance
Virgo Season Astro Nidra
Leo Season Astro Nidra 2019: Lead with Love
Mercury Rx in Leo and Cancer
Cancer Season Astro Nidra - The Mama Bear - 2019
Gemini Astro Nidra - Inner Community
2019 Taurus Season Astro Nidra - Awaken the 5 Senses
Aries Astro Nidra 2019 - Remove the Old Program
Pisces Season 2019 - the dreamer
Aquarius Season Astro Nidra 2019
Capricorn Astro Nidra 2018
Sagittarius Season
2018 Scorpio Astro Nidra - The Shaman's Journey - Soul Retrieval
Libra Season Astro Nidra
Virgo Season Astro Nidra
Leo Season 2018 Astro Nidra: Light Body Activation
Cancer Season {w/silence only}
Cancer Season 2018
Gemini Astro Nidra - Gather Your Luminaries
2018 Taurus Season - Remember your Worth

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