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Current release v4.7505 as of March 7th, 2021 

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Pay to own, not a subscription. DJCU is on the market for 5 years now. All updates have been free and so is our knowledgeable support. We are committed to continuing this policy in the future. is now an interactive advisory tool. Simply select your current DJ software and where you want to convert into and the site will show you all relevant info including the apps you need and the tutorials videos.

This is just a small selection of all the tutorial videos:
From Traktor to Rekordbox(xml) Quick Tutorial DJCU 4.0 [MacOS]

From Serato to Rekordbox(xml) Quick Tutorial DJCU 4.0 [MacOS]

From Virtual DJ to Rekordbox(xml) Quick Tutorial DJCU 4.0 [MacOS]


Conversion from djay (iOS or MacOS) to Rekordbox.XML, DJCU 4.75 [MacOS only]

From Rekordbox.xml to Serato, Traktor, Virtual DJ, djay Pro 2, iTunes DJCU 4.5 [MacOS]

Convert a CDJ USB into one that also works with Traktor, Serato, djay Pro AI, Virtual DJ and Denon Prime (Denon Prime compatibility requires the Denon Conversion Utility, to be purchased separately) 
Ask Me Anything collection conversion and management for DJs : One Drive to Rule them All 2020


Rekordbox 6.5.1 still has the XML import bug, which can be circumvented!

see this tutorial Rekordbox 6 and the DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU)
If you only need Rekordbox to create CDJ USB's, then my recommendation is to use Rekordbox 5.6.0 for compatibility and speed reasons. 

What does DJCU convert from and to?
Cues, loops, beat grid, folder/playlist structure (for Traktor & Rekordbox) or crate structure (for Serato) for the following platforms:

  1. Traktor To Rekordbox.xml
  2. Serato To Rekordbox.xml
  3. Virtual DJ to Rekordbox.xml
  4. Algoriddim djay to  Rekordbox.xml
  5. Rekordbox.xml To djay (see below for supported versions) 
  6. Rekordbox.xml to iTunes (no cue, loops and other DJ specific tags but folder/playlist/crate structure with their containing tracks)
  7. From Rekordbox XML to Serato 
  8. From Rekordbox.xml to Traktor
  9. From Rekordbox.xml to Virtual DJ
  10. Serato both macOS and Windows to Rekordbox Windows
  11. Virtual DJ both macOS and Windows to Rekordbox Windows
  12. Traktor Windows to Rekordbox Windows

1 & 2 create a "Rekordbox.xml" that is used to transmit the data into Rekordbox
That very same XML can be used as input in 3, 4 and the Denon Conversion Utility without the need to go through Rekordbox.
Effectively going from both Serato and Traktor to iTunes and djay but in 2 stages.

1&7 combined converts conversion from Traktor to Serato!

2&8  combined converts conversion from Serato to Traktor!

3&7 combined converts conversion from Virtual DJ to Serato

3&8 combined converts from Virtual DJ to Traktor

10, 11 & 12 The conversion data is Windows compatible, the conversion by DJCU can only be done in MacOS

11 & 12 For this conversion type I offer an e-mail service. See for details. When on the site select Virtual DJ or Traktor as Source and "Windows" as a target.

from Traktor Pro 
to Rekordbox
The DJ Conversion Utility converts hot cues, saved loops and beat grids from Native Instruments Traktor Pro to Pioneer's Rekordbox. Cues are stored both as hot cues as well as memory cues and keep their given names. 

The converted folders and playlists in Rekordbox will appear identical to how they are in Traktor, with the nesting structure intact. 

from Rekordbox, Traktor Pro, Virtual DJ and Serato DJ Pro  
to djay Pro 2 on macOS and djay 2 and Pro on iOS
The DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU) converts cue points and loops with their names from Rekordbox to Algoriddim's djay. Serato DJ Pro, VDJ and Traktor users need to use DJCU to create a Rekordbox.xml than take that file as a source for DJCU's Rekordbox conversion. DJCU will generate a file that can be used with the latest versions of the djay apps on both platforms iOS and macOS.  
Because djay iPhone does not support loops yet the iOS-friendly option converts the start of a loop to a cue. 
On macOS, all 8 loops and all 8 cues with their names are converted.

from Serato DJ Pro
to Rekordbox, iTunes, and djay
DJCU is the most elegant and easiest way to convert your Serato DJ crates to Rekordbox. There are 3 different variations for assigning cues and loops to Rekordbox's hot and memory banks. 

The converted folders and playlists in Rekordbox will appear identical to how the crates look in Serato, with their nesting structure intact. 

From Rekordbox XML
to Serato
The following Rekordbox data is converted to Serato:

  • track color
  • loops and cues stored in the Hot Cue bank with colors and names
  • loops and cues stored in the Memory Cue bank with names. The Rekordbox.xml does not contain the colors for memory cues.
  • BPM set in Rekordbox.
  • Playcount
  • Beat grid, which might get overwritten by Serato's grid analysis which can't be disabled. 

Other metadata such as import dates are not converted.

The supported audio formats for the Rekordbox to Serato conversion are MP3, AIFF, FLAC, MP4 (=m4a), and WAV. I'm especially proud of WAV since it officially has no tagging mechanism grids are not converted to WAV. 

iTunes integration for Traktor Pro, Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro
This option is extremely powerful. It gives you the possibility to recreate in iTunes the folder/playlist(s) you have in either TKP, RBDJ or the crates in Serato DJ Pro. You can even sync your iOS devices with these playlists. 

Denon Prime users:
The Denon Conversion Utility and it's companion apps can use the XML file DJCU creates as input. Without the need to go through Rekordbox. 
DeCU with it's bundled iR Collection Backup Tool combined with DJCU enables an effortless conversion of Serato DJ Pro, Traktor and VDJ to all Denon Prime compatible hardware. 

Known limitations

  • DJCU only works on UTF8 character sets. Extended characters sets in UTF16 are not supported.
  • Conversion from Serato to Rekordbox conversion with wav files, the DJ specific tags (cues, loops, etc) are converted. From the basic tags, only artist and title are converted, other common ID3 tags such as artwork, genre, etc are not converted for this conversion type.

Facebook page:

Algoriddim djay Pro:

Converted are cue & loops with their names.

Not all versions of djay iOS support saved loops!

These are the djay versions that work with DJCU:
djay Pro on macOS version 2.X
djay 2 on iOS version 2.8.21
djay Pro iOS version 1.0.18

djay Pro AI on both MacOS and iOS

older versions of djay are no longer supported by DJCU


  • MacOS only, you need an Apple Macintosh (compatible) computer (MacBook, iMac, MacMini etc)! 
    No refunds if you use a different Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux or iOS. 
    An iPad/iPhone is NOT a MacOS computer, it is an iOS device
  • fully compatible with MacOS from version 10.10 upto to MacOS 11.01 (BigSur)
  • fully compatible with Rekordbox 5.X and 6.X. Take note off the Rekordbox 5.6.1 and beyond bug in the attached document. It's not a show stopper but you need to be aware.
  • fully compatible with Serato DJ Pro 2.x
  • fully compatible with Traktor 2.X and Traktor Pro 3.X
  • the App requires an open internet connection during startup
  • Please read carefully about which conversion is supported and what is not. No refunds if your "desired" conversion is not listed!

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Other languages:
I only speak English and Dutch, some active users have created tutorials for DJCU in their native language:

French tutorial video:

Italian tutorials:
how to convert from Rekorbox to Traktor

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From Rekordbox to Virtual DJ

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