Already Ours by ATG Bad Boy C Four
Indie, It's Life
Reinstated by Tonez  ft Chopo
Go get it, short sleeve
Rise Of The Indie Chapter 1
The Grudge, Album by #ATGBadBoy C Four
30 Min Live interview
15 min Live interview
The Indie Outlet, Radio Play
The World's Indie Artist's Volume VII, Blood, Sweat and Tears
ROME by BiznessmanTru The Shark ft C Four and Solomon Bec
New Bad Boys feat C Four, Focus Fire Flame and Itz Choppa
ATG short sleeve shirt
ATG , long sleeve
Operation IV The Album
72 Hours by Gotti X Itz Choppa
The World's Indie Artists Volume 6, The First Meal
The World's Indie Artists, Volume 5 THIS TIME WE ALL EAT
Official #ATG Snap's
ATG Indie Music World Wide Distribution #MajorIndie
EAT: The First Meal feat The Durtie Souf Boyz
Faces, The Mixtape by C Four
No love by Gotti De Pablo ft Itz Choppa
Facebook by #ATGBadBoy C Four
The World's Indie Artists Volume II
Who Am I feat C Four
Closed Blinds by #ATGBadBoy C Four
BLACK GATES The Album by C Four
ATG Assassins
Don't Know You by C Four
Bout My Bii by #ATGHitMan Tru Boii
La Di Da Di by Tru Boii feat Focus Fire Flame
FTP by #ATGBadBoy Itz Choppa
Got me fuked u by C Four feat Tru Boii and Focus Fire Flame
Pass the torch feat Focus Fire Flame
Flashing by Gotti De Pablo
Impatient by Tonez feat Itz Choppa
Make Them Hate by C Four
Rule # 1 by #ATGHitMan C Four
Aint playin wit em by C Four feat Itz Choppa
BlackGates - The EP by C Four
BlackGates The Mixtape by C Four
In The Club Stankin by C Four
Wavey Since 94 by Gotti De Pablo
GOTTI feat Itz Choppa
Wires Crossed II-Mixtape


Major Independent Record Label, and Indie Outlet, The New Durtie Souf. #ATG


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