How to Keep Them Wanting You- Master Class


Have you ever had a partner turn on you abruptly? Identify your significant other’s unappreciative and hostile behavior and understand and gain the knowledge about how to combat these behaviors.

This course is designed for anyone who is having troubles connecting with their partner, or if you’re just plain ole’ confused about what either of you are feeling. If you want to feel loved again, love yourself again and/or feel valuable within yourself again, this course is for you.

Participants will learn how to improve the quality of their relationship, as well as develop their communication skills, critical thinking skills, and their threshold for patience. It is important to know that increased patience is more so for you and will help you grow within yourself. Project a more valuable you.

101 The New Toy Effect

Have you ever entered into a relationship and everything was all good, but then all of a sudden it crumbles for no reason? Now, they suddenly start acting differently and nothing that you do is good enough and they seem to hate the things that they used to love about you. This sudden change may have been caused by the New Toy effect. The new toy effect happens when a person gets into a relationship and once they feel that they have the other person, they start becoming critical and begin to feel that someone else may even be better for them.

This video will explain exactly what the New Toy effect is and will explain in detail how to combat these behaviors.

The New Toy effect happens in relationships all the time, and usually when the other person becomes unimpressed and unappreciative. In order to make it harder for someone to walk away, you have to be sure someone else is investing in the relationship.

This premium video will help you understand how to make those investments and deal with the New Toy effect.

What you will learn:

•How to avoid the New Toy effect.

•Two ways to invest in your relationship.

•The different times the New Toy effect will kick-in, or benchmarks.

•What is an investment and how it works in a relationship.

•How to offer equal investments.

102 Buyer’s Remorse

Is your relationship going well, but things have fizzled? Is your partner antsy? Uninterested? If you have ever been in a relationship with someone, and things seemed to be going well but they suddenly seemed to become restless and frustrated with the situation, you may be dealing with buyer's remorse. Buyer's remorse takes place when a person feels that they have invested more into the relationship than they are getting out of it and they begin to feel trapped. The person feels like the investment is no longer worth it. They feel you have stopped living up to what they are putting into the relationship. The person will often become distant and start getting upset about things that they feel they are not getting.

This video explains the different ways a person could change within the relationship to cause buyer’s remorse as well as how to deal with it when it comes into play. Learn how to communicate to find out their expectations to make them feel happy and comfortable again.

This course is not only designed to help them but you as well. This course will explore how to be real with yourself and not fall behind in developing your relationship.

What you will learn:

•How people cause buyer’s remorse and how they may feel.

•The types of changes that can lead to buyer’s remorse.

•Two methods to deal with buyer’s remorse.

•How to not to get hit with buyer’s remorse again.

•How to understand yourself as well as how to understand and talk to them.

•How to develop yourself into a great “product.”

103 Recovering from the New Toy Effect

Have you reached a major benchmark in your relationship? Got married? Had a child? Moved in together? Are things not working anymore and you feel as if your significant other is trippin?

If you have already falling victim to the new toy effect and the person that you are with no longer seems to appreciate you this video can help you to take the next steps. This premium video will teach you how to deal with the new toy effect while it is happening or after it has already happened and even turn the tables.

This video will explain how to move forward with the relationship for yourself. You will learn how to gage the investments made in the relationship and discern if you both have put in equal amounts of work. This will allow you to learn about yourself, build your own life and do you.

What you will learn:

•How to not argue but effectively communicate.

•How to disconnect in order to conquer the New Toy Effect.

•How to reflect on yourself.

•How to become “new,” again and improve your value.

•How to make them make the investment to be with you.

Learn everything you need to keep them wanting you by getting all 3 videos today. 

Format: MP4
Masterclass Length: 55:10

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