What Men Test Women For Master Class

Things Men Test Women For: How to Pass a Mans Test
Relationships can be very difficult because many times we are continuously making mistakes without even knowing it. Dating is often like taking a test without even knowing that you are being tested let alone having the chance to study.

What if you knew when you were being tested and better yet: what if you knew what was on the test and the answers to it? In school that would be called cheating but in dating that is called winning. This premium video will teach you what men are testing for and how to pass with flying colors.

Things Men Test Women For: How to Recover from Failing a Man's Test
Have you ever been going out with a guy and everything suddenly changed? He stopped texting back as fast and just didn’t seem as serious about you anymore. Have you ever tried to figure out what happened when you were completely sure that he was interested.

Have you ever started dating someone but you weren’t really that interested in the beginning but somewhere along the way you changed your mind? Did you notice that when you did change your mind, they seemed to lose interest in you?

These cases maybe caused by failed tests. Because you may have failed a test that you didn’t know about due to being uninterested in the beginning or simply just misreading the situation, you found yourself out in the cold. This premium video will teach you to recover from these failed tests and regain your partner’s interest.