How to Get Them To Chase You: 101 (Walking Away)

How to Get Them To Chase You How to Get Them To Chase You: 101 (Walking Away)

Introduction to How to Get Them to Chase You 101:
When you want someone to take you seriously, sometimes the only thing that will get their attention is walking away. The problem with walking away is that people usually do it at the wrong time or in the wrong way and that leads the other person to just not feel the loss. To get someone to feel the loss and want to come after you, it is important to master the art of walking away. This premium video will teach you how to start getting the other person to value and pursue you by walking away.

Why You Need How to Get Them to Chase You 101:

Do you feel like you aren’t appreciated or that you are being taken for granted in your relationship?

How to Get Them to Chase You 101 addresses walking away from relationships in order to remedy these issues. 

Many people don’t fully understand what it means to walk away so I will address what I mean by walking away.

In order to be effective in walking away you need to know when the right time is to walk away.  In this video, you will learn when the appropriate time to walk away from a relationship is and learn an effective strategy for doing so. 

Walking away from relationships is not only about what to do but what not to do so you will learn 5 different ways not to walk away. 

Of course you don’t want them to be onto what you are trying to do so I will discuss how to do all of this and keep them from feeling like you are trying to get them to chase you. 

You can do all of this without losing value, looking weak, looking like a fraud or like you can’t control yourself.  You will have power over your image and control over your destiny.  This will help you to avoid having feelings of being mistreated, neglected, and/or worthless in your relationship.  Use How to Get Them to Chase You to breed mystery about why you walked away so that you can get them to chase you. 

You have to master walking away as the first step to get them to chase you because it is a set up for what is going to happen next in How to Get Them to Chase You 102. 

You will learn:
  • Why You Need to Walk Away
  • What it means to Walk Away
  • When to Walk Away
  • 5 Ways Not to Walk Away
  • How to Walk Away Without Them Knowing What you Are Doing