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7 Sins Against Success

When we want to become successful the hardest thing for most of us, is really us.  A lot of times we are our own worst enemies and getting out of our own way is one of the biggest barriers between us and being successful.  A lot of us are guilty of the same sins against success, some are guilty of all and some are only guilty of some however any one of them can be super detrimental to you.  Get this premium video to learn what the 7 Sins Against Success are and how you can avoid them so that you can be successful. 

The Lost Art of Perseverance

In today’s society we are all taught that everything is supposed to be so easy and that it is acceptable to give up when thing are difficult. This is why people struggle to keep working toward their goals after a setback. This archived livestream is about taking you power back and learning how to work through tragedy to get what you want out of life. 

10 Steps to Rebuilding Your Self-Confidence

One of the things about your self esteem is that it is actually a misnomer.  It leads you to believe that what you think about you is totally based on you and what you feel about you as if you completely control how you think about you.  One of the first steps to recovering your self esteem is getting the right mindset. You have to do certain things in your mind before you can start physically changing your self-esteem.  You have to realize that you are not in complete control of how you feel about yourself. How you feel about yourself is much based on how you perceive others to feel about you.  Watch this premium video to learn how you can get the right mindset and rebuild your self-esteem.