How to Deal with Game Playing Master Class

How to Deal with Game Playing Course Description


I am sure you have heard the common saying, “Two can play that game.” With that being said, have you ever had to deal with someone who was “game playing” with your heart and you could not get the upper hand? Well trying to play the game back can work against you, especially if you do not understand how to.

This course is designed to present three different methods on how to deal with a person who “plays games.” Our initial reaction when we realize we may be getting played, is to give it right back to them, but our actions are usually based solely on emotion. With this course you will learn a strategy to target the manipulation and win the game.

People who “play games” do so, in order to get their own unmet needs fulfilled and to gain a sense of control. Learn how to use the same manipulation that they used on you, to get the love and attention you want, without them even knowing.

101 Devalue

When someone “plays games,” they usually are not doing it with the other persons feelings in mind, only the attention they could receive and gaining the upper hand. This attention can give them the idea that they still have the same or greater value than they have always had with you.

This video will break down how to take back the power and show them that their value, or status, has depreciated and they are no longer a priority. You will learn a 4 step strategy that will take the same methods used to manipulate you and use them in your favor.

Showing a person that is “playing games” that they have lost value based on their actions, will compel them to make a change.  

What you will learn:

·      4 methods to devalue a “game player”

·      How to express your internal feelings, effectively

·      How to analyze the relationship as a tool

102 Ignoring

Have you ever been ignored by a partner and decided that giving them the same treatment in return was the way to go? Did you decide not to do this because many people would consider this kind of behavior immature or petty? Learning how to mirror behavior is a big part of dealing with players despite the social stigma attached to it.

This video will explain 3 stages of ignoring people who are playing games. If you give this behavior attention it encourages them to do more. You will learn a strategy on how to ignore and what to do when and if you decide to respond.

What you will learn:

·      3 stages of ignoring a “game player”

·      What specific behaviors to ignore

·      When to directly confront your partner

103 Reward Good Behavior

Has your partner slowly stopped being inconsistent? Do they call you more than once a week now? Do they actually come through with plans you two make? Yes? Well, what do you do when your “game playing” partner changes their behavior?

A lot of people who “play games” have been taken for granted in the past. You can help them walk away completely from those bad behaviors and never go back.

This video will break down three methods on how to reward you partner for positive things they do and better behaviors they exhibit in the relationship. You will learn how to get to know them so you can give them what they are actually looking for in a reward. It is hard to continue to give your all in being a better person for the relationship, if changes go unnoticed.

When you are in a relationship it is important to remember not give more than what your partners earns or more than what you are comfortable with giving. You never want to do things expecting something in return or because you think it will spark a change.

What you will learn:

·      3 methods to reward your partners good behavior

·      The “levels” of rewarding

·      How to match your partners “level”

Length: 1 Hour.