Vid 748 – Melanie4 Long To Extreme Bob To Bald

Melanie comes to us today with long layered hair that she has dyed. Today it's all coming off as she has asked us to shave her head. We start with a large section of the nape. This is buzzed to the skin with clippers. This is the start of a highly angled bob. The back hair is cut super high to match the buzzed nape. The rest is angled to chin length in the front. The sides are pulled up and both sides are buzzed to the skin as well. This angled bob now has an undercut. All of the buzzed sections are then shaved smooth. We get her out of the chair for a quick photo shoot of this wild bob. Then it's back in the chair for the next cut. Scissors on dry hair give Melanie a quick bowlcut, cutting everything to the length of the nape. The middle is buzzed first giving her, well, I'm not sure what to call this as the middle of the bowlcut is buzzed and the sides remain. The rest is buzzed off and the top is shaved smooth. Melanie has had a series of haircuts today but she leaves the shop as she requested, bald.