Vid 706 - Neth & Roxanne2 Short To Very Short and Long To Buzzcut

This video has two complete haircuts that are very quick.  Neth is first with processed and layered hair to her shoulders.  Today she is ready for a short cut.  Clippers start at the back and buzz several inches.  This continues on both sides as well.  The top were cut short with scissors on wet hair.  The sides could go a bit higher so the clippers go back for more.  Neth looks cute in her new short cut. 

Roxanne is next starting with long straight hair.  She is ready for a buzzcut.  Long hair is snipped off with scissors.  Clippers start at the back and buzz up high, then on to the sides.  More buzzing here and on to the top.  Soon only a small patch of long bangs remain.  The back and sides are tapered.  Bangs are clipped nice and short.  Roxanne looks wonderful in her new buzzcut.