Vid 758 – Genalyn Very Long To Very Short

Genalyn starts today with very long hair. She will finish the day with very short hair. A ponytail is gathered a bit up the nape and snipped off with scissors. This cut was supposed to start with the No. 2 clippers buzzing the sides and back. This new cutter puts on the No. 1 blades instead taking the right side super close. I think this is where this cutter actually broke my Oster 76 clippers by changing the blades with the motor running. The buzzing continues until the back and sides are less than 1/4”. The top is still longer until it is cut scissor over comb on wet hair. Scissors blend the top with the buzzed back and sides. We go back with the No. 1 blades on the left side and back to match the right side. Genalyn's cut ended a bit shorter than planned. She still looks great in her new very short cut.

Second camera footage available on this video.