Vid 662 - Janet3 Long To Buzzcut

Janet is one of the prettiest models we've ever had.  Long wavy hair, she is ready for a buzzcut.  This is our second day with this female barber and it was still a learning process at this point.  We cut the long hair dry with scissors dropping it all into Janet's lap.  No. 2 clippers buzz high up the sides and back.  We ask for a No. taper around the ears and up the back.  Tapers are a bit of an art that this barber is not well aquainted.  Janet ends up with white walls.  No. 3 clippers buzz over the top.  Bangs are snipped short as well.  We dye Janet's buzzcut blond off camera.  She looks great no matter what her hair looks like.  I do love that buzzcut though.  Bonus second camera footage available on this video.