Vid 847 – Marisol Very Long to No 1 Buzz Cut

Cute Marisol comes to us today with long thick hair. She is ready to lose it all. Guest barber Jessa is ready to use the clippers on Marisol. The No. 1 guard is attached and the ride side is parted. The entire right side is buzzed to 1/8”. With the right side buzzed, Jessa then buzzes high up the back. The undercut continues on the left side. We put the long hair in a ponytail to display this beautiful undercut. The long hair is dropped and clippers buzz off the length into a momentary bowl cut. Then it's time for the No. 1 clippers to buzz off the rest. The top is also buzzed to 1/8” matching the back and sides. Marisol has gone from very long hair to a No. 1 buzz cut. What an amazing transformation.

Second camera footage available on this video.