Vid 838 – Rochelle-20 Long to Bald

Wow, how time flies. Rochelle was our model nearly ten years ago. On Vid 731 She got a buzzcut. Today she is going even shorter with an added surprise. Today Rochelle is going to shave her head smooth. Her preschool son is in the salon as well. We decide to give Rochelle a Chelsea cut first. The bangs and tails are parted away. The bare clippers start right on top. Soon all but the bangs and tails are buzzed to zero. The bangs and tails are still full length giving Rochelle a unique version of the Chelsea cut. At this point her son asks if they can walk home as he's embarrassed to be seen with her on public transportation. The front and back are trimmed into shape giving her an incredible Chelsea cut. Next, all off. The zero clippers buzz off the Chelsea cut. Now down to a zero buzz, it's time to shave smooth. This was our first day in the salon so we were missing a few essentials including shaving cream. We made due and shaved Rochelle's head smooth. But we are still not done. Rochelle has also agreed to shave off her eyebrows. Mini clippers then a straight razor shave off both eyebrows. Rochelle looks very different without any hair on her head and shaved eyebrows. It was really nice catching up with this former model.

Second camera footage available on this video.