Vid 837 – Marychris Medium to Very Short

Marychris starts today with longer hair that has a slight curl at the ends. Today Marychris has agreed to go very short. The top hair is parted away. The No. 1 clippers start on the left side. Everything below the parts is buzzed to less than 1/8”. The zero clippers then fade the back and sides. Marychris looks great in her ponytail showing off her high undercut. But we're not finished yet. The ponytail is let loose and scissors snip the remaining long hair nice and short. The top hair is pulled to one side and then the other, cutting the top hair short to expose that lovely undercut. The top hair is slicked straight back finishing this new very short cut. Marychris is still smiling as she sees her new cut.

Second camera footage available on this video.