Vid 836 – Jencel Very Long to Short

Jencel is one of the prettiest models we've ever had. She has very long hair and today she is very nervous. Today she is getting a short haircut for the first time. Our stylist starts with clippers on dry hair. Clippers buzz off the long locks above the ear, dropping the hair to the floor. This continues all around until all of the long hair is on the floor. Clippers take several inches of the nape and above each ear, nice and close. Clippers ensure that no longer hair remains on top. The top is cut wet with scissors. The top is cut short and given a side part. Jencel's sides are buzzed nice and high. She decides to get a couple of lines shaved into the one side. Jencel is finished and really looks amazing in her new short cut. Just as she requested.

Second camera footage available on this video.