Vid 829 – Erica Very Long to Short Buzz Cut

Erica is a pretty young lady with an amazing head of hair. Very long straight silky and cut straight across. Erica didn't know she was getting her hair cut today and it ended much shorter than expected. She first wanted a chin length bob and finally change to a very short cut along with her cousin. As she is sitting with her cousin I offer her more money to get our short buzz cut. She accepts. The top is parted away into pigtails. The undercut is buzzed to 1/8”. The back and sides are faded with the 0. After a quick spin for the camera, Erica sits back down. The No. 2 clippers buzz off the pigtails leaving Erica with out new army cut, 2 on top, no bangs, all sides and back buzzed 1, faded zero. Erica looks amazing in her new buzzcut. We hope to do several more buzzcuts just like this ine.

Second camera footage available on this video.