Vid 793 – Jeng2 Long To Undercut Bob

Jeng starts today with long thick straight hair. She is ready to go shorter, just not very short. She has selected a bob with an undercut as her new style. The top hair is sectioned off and held in a ponytail. It should be a simple task to buzz the nape with clippers but this stylist makes it difficult. He starts with the clippers then puts them down. He cuts off the length with with scissors then returns to the clippers. He changes the blades three times before finally buzzing the nape. Shaving cream is applied to the high undercut. A disposable razor and then a handheld razor blade shave the undercut smooth. The top ponytail is dropped down still displaying the undercut. After a quick spin, a foot of the ponytail is cut off with scissors and dropped to the floor. The ponytail is set free and the hair is wet down. Scissors cut all of the hair into a straight bob. A quick blow dry finishes this cute bob. Jeng looks great in her stylish bob with undercut.

Second camera footage available on this video.