Vid 769 – Rosal Long To Undercut Bob

Pretty Rosal comes to us today with thick long hair. She doesn't want to go very short, just a chin length bob. For a little extra, she has opted for a shaved undercut. The barber separates the top hair into a ponytail. Clippers buzz the entire undercut to the skin. With the high ponytail, the undercut is fully exposed. Shaving cream is added and the undercut is shaved smooth. Rosal smiles as inches of the ponytail are snipped off. After a quick spin the ponytail is set free. The remaining hair is cut wet with scissors. The left side, the right side and the back are each cut, in turn, to chin length. A blow dry with a round brush really shows off this bob shape. Scissors on dry hair clean up any strays. Rosal really looks great with her new undercut bob.