Vid 795 – Janet3-10 Short to No. 1 Buzzcut

Janet is back for her third haircut. She got a buzzcut in Vid 662 and a cute pixie in Vid 789. With a bit of coaxing she returns to go really short. We are talking a No. 1 buzzcut dyed blond. We start with the No. 1 clippers on dry hair. The back goes first showing how really close the No. 1 looks. The right side and part of the top follow suit. The left side and more of the top are buzzed until only the bangs remain. A quick spin and the bangs too fall prey to the clippers. A straight razor cleans the hairline including cute little V shaped sideburns. Janet looks stunning in her No. 1 buzzcut. Even more stunning after the blond dye job that happens off camera. Always nice to see a beautiful model return and go shorter.

Second camera footage available on this video.