Vid 160 - Analisa Very Long To Buzzcut

Analisa comes to us today with the most amazing head of hair.  It is a few inches below her waist, cut straight across, straight, natural black.  Wow.  And she is young but during the interview process she refused to smile.  As pretty as she was if she wouldn't smile on camera, this would be a poor video.  I gave her a lower bid and she accepted.  We go to the barbershop and a totally different Analisa emerges.  She can't stop smiling throughout.  We snip off the high ponytail at her crown.  Next the back and sides are buzzed very close.  Her first cut is a blunt bob at the tops of her ears.  Analisa looks amazing.  we are not done yet.  The barber buzzes back to front, up and over the top.  The bangs are cut short as well accenting this cute buzzcut.  This is one of the most incredible haircuts we've ever done.