Vid 796 – Luisa4 Bob To Bald

Luisa was one of our models from our haircut competition. In Vid 785 she cut her long hair into a layered cut. Today she wants to lose the layers. She is ready to shave her head. First we use the bare clippers to buzz up, then the inverted clippers to create a line. This continues all around until Luisa has a high bowl cut. The chair spin gets a good laugh from everyone in the shop, especially one woman in the corner. We next go straight down the middle but stop after a few strokes. We turn the chair so the woman in the corner can continue her laugh. Then the clippers remove the remaining hair on top. Shaving cream is applied and a straight razor removes any remaining hair. Two days ago Luisa had long hair and now she has none. She has been a real good sport throughout her haircut ordeal.

Second camera footage available on this video.