Vid 790 – Sharon-10 Medium To Very Short

Beautiful Sharon has been our model twice before. In Vid 332 she went very short while in Vid 523 she got a short buzzcut. We wanted her to go even shorter this year but she was reluctant. She only wants to go very short with her thick medium length hair. I can't say no to her. Sharon seems more nervous this time than before. The barber starts with scissors on dry hair. The long locks fall all around. With the hair all short, it's time for the clippers. They buzz a high path up both sides and the back. The No. 1 clippers buzz the bottom sections super close. The top sections are cut very short with scissor over comb on wet hair. Scissors blend the whole haircut together. A straight razor cleans around the hairline. Sharon looks amazing in her new short cut. It's always nice to see a familiar face, especially one as beautiful as hers.

Second camera footage available on this video.