Vid 804 – Jinky-10 Chin Length To Mohawk To Bald

Jinky has modeled for us twice before. In Vid 057 and Vid 061 she went with an asymmetric bob then short. In Vid 723 she got a short buzzcut. Today she is going all in. She will finally shave her head. The barber starts on the right side with bare clippers. The right side is buzzed to zero. The left side is next and it too is buzzed off. The middle is still left longer and it is cut down to length. This gives Jinky an adorable mohawk cut that she models for us. She takes her seat again. The mohawk is buzzed off as well. Shaving cream is applied and a straight razor shave Jinky's head smooth. It's always nice to see a familiar face and it was great seeing Jinky take that final step.

Second camera footage available on this video.