Vid 557 - Sylvia Long To Extreme Bob

Sylvia comes to us today with long straight hair and a pretty smile.  She is ready to shave her head but let's have a little fun first.  We have a chin length bob that is angled such that it is shaved all the way to the crown.  No one ever selects this extreme cut but we have a captive audience so to speak.  Inverted clippers start in back and soon shave from the crown to the nape.  This continues until the left side is angling toward the front.  The angle is prettty steep to make the chin length in front.  The right side gets the same until the shape of this bob is complete.  The back gets shaved smooth.  A few short bangs are added.  A quick blow dry and this extreme bob is complete. Sylvia is still smiling.  Let's see if she's smiling after we shave her head in Vid 564.  Bonus second camera footage available on this video.

Vid 564: