Vid 265 - Aikiez Long To Short Buzzcut

Aikiez is my biggest mistake.  In over 700 videos I've never turned the camera off rather than on and not realized for half of a haircut.  That's what I did on this incredible model.  Luckily we had just aquired the services of a second cameraman (and he worked for free).  So we get to witness things from the tripod.  Aikiez was living in LA but had a wild streak that her parents could not accept.  They sent her back to the Philippines to keep her away from bad incluences.  Her perfectly highlighted hair is all getting buzzed off today.  Clippers drop the long locks into the cape and then onto the floor.  Clippers buzz her whole scalp to 1/4".  Fade 1, fade 0, this is looking suoer cute.  Take those bangs down a bit, or a lot.  Wow, she looks amazing.  How about some atomic red color.  Equally amazing.  My half footage is at the end.