Vid 486 - Mary Grace4 Very Long To Angled Bob

Mary Grace comes to us today with great hair; thick, silky, straight and nearly to her waist.  She is ready to shave it all off.  But first we will give her an angled bob.  Her long hair is buzzed off in a ponytail at her nape.  Clippers buzz high up the nape as well.  Inverted clippers carve out the highest point of the bob in the back.  Several inches of shaved nape are exposed.  Clippes and then scissors cut the line of this extreme bob.  Bangs are cut in with scissors.  The nape is shaved smooth.  And there we have Mary Grace with her extreme bob.  In Vid 495 she will shave that bob right off.  Bonus second camera footage available on this video.

Vid 495: