Vid 770 – Monica2 Very Long To Short Buzzcut

Monica comes to us today with an interesting style. Most of her wavy hair is very long but there is another layer that is a foot shorter than the longest length. We will get rid of this step haircut as she has requested our short buzzcut. The long hair is cut with scissors on dry hair. It only takes a minute for all of her long hair to be cut short, filling the floor. The No. 1 clippers buzz a high path around each ear and high up the back. Bare clippers fade the edges. No. 2 clippers start right behind the bangs an push straight back. The entire tops is buzzed to 1/4”. Scissors snip the bangs super short and blend the entire buzzcut together. A straight razor makes a clean line around the hairline. Monica has had quite a day going from very long hair to a short buzzcut.

Second camera footage available on this video.