Vid 756 – Jennifer11 Long To Bald

Jennifer comes to us today with long thick hair. She has watched with great interest as other models have gotten their haircuts. Now it is her turn and she is ready to go all in. She wants to shave her head. She parts her hair in the center and we decide to use this part. The barber uses mini clippers to buzz just left of center, straight back. This continues until the entire left side is shaved to the scalp. She says she feels “malamig” (cold) with half of her hair missing. We then shave the left side with a straight razor. The whole shop has a good laugh at her half shaved look. Mini clippers buzz off the right side next. Shaving cream and a straight razor shave it smooth as well. Jennifer smiles and laughs as she sees her newly shaved head. She seems very happy with her new look.