Vid 673 - Joy Ann-10 Very Long To Undercut

Joy Ann returns today.  In Vid 268 she cut her very long hair to the cutest shrt cut.  Now she return to even short, our short buzzcut.  First we want to leave her hair at full length on top, and give her a huge undercut that is buzzed to a No. 1 and faded with the bare clippers.  Top hair is parted and held in a ponytail.  This new barber appears to not understand how clipper work.  It takes several minutes and a lot of instruction to get the long hair buzzed to a No. 1.  Next we ask her to fade around the edges with the zero blade.  More whitewalls than fade, I am starting to doubt this "barbers" credentials.  If this is the undercut, I can't wait to see the buzzcut (Vid679).  Bonus second camera footage available on this video.

Vid 268:

Vid 679: