Vid 776 – Winda-10 Very Long To Bald

Winda is back after a long absence. On videos Vid 049 and Vid 053 she went from long hair to a short bob and then on to a crewcut. Vid 053 is one of 20 that could not be recovered. Since then her hair has grown very long. Today she is very to shave her head. We start with a high ponytail in back. Clippers buzz the ponytail off. Next the No. 4 guard buzzes straight back. It goes all over until Winda has a 1/2” buzzcut. The No.3 guard is next followed by the No. 2. No. 1 and unguarded clippers continue the process taking Winda's hair incrementally shorter. Mini clippers buzz as close as possible. Shaving cream is added and a straight razor shaves Winda smooth. We even do a bit of wig play after the cut as well. Winda looks very sexy with and without hair. It was great to see her return after so many years.

Second camera footage available on this video.