Vid 583 - Rachelle5 Long To Short Buzzcut

Certain models I remember distinctly.  Rachelle came to us one year ago and asked how much for a bob.  She was not impressed with our price.  Today she asked about a short buzzcut.  The price was much higher and she happily agreed.  She is a flirt with hair past her waist that she dyes a bright red.  We start with scissors on dry hair.  Those super long locks are falling everywhere.  The No. 1 clippers start on the sides and buzz super high and super close.  No. 2 clippers go right on top.  Soon the top is buzzed to 1/4".  The bangs are snipped super short as well.  Rachelle is still a flirt, now just a flirt with a short buzzcut.  Bonus second camera footage available on this video.