Vid 609 - Cristina2-10 Medium To Short Bob

Cristina from Vid 312 returns today.  She now works in customer service where a buzzcut would be frowned upon.  She does accept a mid-ear bob.  I'm suprised she trusts us at all given her last haircut.  The barber starts with clippers at the nape on dry hair.  He buzzes several inches while establishing the length at the back.  He moves on to the sides and cuts them to length with the clippers.  With the basic shape done, scissors cut the wet hair to perfect the line.  A quick blow dry and Cristina is finished.  Offscreen we dye her hair a reddish color.  It was so nice seeing Cristina again.  Her new cut looks really nice on her.  Bonus second camera footage available on this video.

Vid 312: