Vid 499 - Maribel4 & Erlinda2-08 Long To Bald

Two clippershaves for the price of one.  Maribel is first up starting with very long straight hair.  This salon cannot shave heads so a clippershave will have to do.  Her long ponytail is cut off at her nape.  No. 2 clippers give a quick buzzcut.  Then the bare clippers buzz the last 1/4" off.  Maribel looks completely different without all of that hair.  Erlinda was a model for us before and only went short.  Now she is going with the clippershave.  No ponytail so the No. 2 clippers start on top.  Soon all is buzzed to 1/4".  A quick spin in the chair and the bare clippers buzz it all.  These are quick videos.  Don't blink or you may miss something.