Vid 301 - Sarah3 Long To Short

Sarah is a beautiful woman.  That may be more opinion than fact, but try to argue with me.  Sarah loves her hair.  She currently has it long but heavily layered and dyed a brownish red.  She is ready to go short, just not too short.  The barber uses clippers to buzz off the long hair all around.  The ears and nape are now exposed.  With the long hair out of the way, clippers and then scissors blend the top hair with the buzzed sections.  Sarah looks amazing with her new cut.  We begged her (litterally) to come back but she never did.  The rule was return models must go shorter.  Probably why we never saw Cherry Jane a second time (Vid 274).  The two of them worked together after they were models.  Bonus second camera footage available on this video.

Vid 274: