Vid 637 - Mary Ann3 Long To Undercut Bob

Mary Ann is a beautiful young lady with an amazing amount of hair.  Long, super thick and dyed red, she does not want to go too extreme.  A chin length bob will do but we were paying extra if they wanted a shaved undercut.  Mary Ann agreed.  A high part is amde all around.  Is it me or did it go higher in back.  The female barber starts with the 0000 blades and removes all hair below the part.  That's a whole lot of kin.  Shaving cream is added and the undercut is shaved smooth.  The top hair is dropped and parted.  Starting at the back on dry hair the bob is cut.  With the rough bob done, a blow dry is next.  A final touchup and the bob looks great.  The undercut looks fabulous.  Bonus second camera footage available on this video.