Vid 323 - Jackilyn3 & Leny Long To Buzzcut

Vid 323 contains two models getting the same haircut.  We are back at the Supercuts of the Philippines.  This cutter cannot slow down.  Bonus for you as you get two for the price of one.  First is Jackilyn.  She has long hair and is ready for a buzzcut.  Scissors snip off the long hair as the stylist drops them to the floor.  The No. 3 clippers buzz back to front and over the top.  Closer clippers add a taper to the edges.  Her bangs are snipped short as well.  Jackiliyn looks so different in her new cut.  On to Leny who has straight black hair.  The process is repeated.  Long locks snipped.  No. 3 buzz.  Taper edges.  Snip bangs.  Leny looks equally stiking in her new buzzcut.