Vid 312 - Cristina2 Long To Buzzcut

Cristina comes to us today with long straight hair and a beautiful smile.  She changed her mind and got a bit more than she bargained for.  Cristina asked for a price on our side part above the ears cut.  While watching others she asked for a bid on a shorter cut.  She was to get our very short boycut which sides and back buzzed high and the top cropped short.  The barber starts to buzz the right side and all is normal.  The back and left sides buzz away and again, all normal.  He goes back to the back and is buzzing really high.  I think to myself that's unusual.  Then he goes to the top with clippers and buzzes right down the middle.  I was in shock.  We had no choice but to proceed with the buzzcut.  I tear can be seen in Cristina's eyes as she realizes how short her hair will be.  This was the only time a model got a shorter cut than she agreed.  She does look lovely though.  Bonus second camera footage available on this video.

After all that Cristina came back and got a short bob in Vid 609: