Vid 279 - Mayflor and Grace3 Medium To Short Buzzcut

Vid 279 is another two-for-one where we have two models with similar length hair getting the same cut.  These cuts are quick.  Don't blink or you will miss something.  First is cute Mayflor with hair a few inches past her shoulders.  Hair is gathered at the nape and snipped off and dropped on the floor.  Clippers start in back and soon buzz most of her head.  Shorter guards are used to cut and fade the sides and back.  The bangs are snipped short and Mayflor looks amazing with her new cut.  Grace is next and she has some thick hair.  Same stylist, same cut.  Ponytail at back and drop on floor.  Buzz all but bangs.  Taper sides and back.  Short bangs.  Grace also looks amazing...blah, blah, blah.