Vid 605 - Maricel7 Very Long To Angled Bob

Maricel may look familiar to some of you.  She cut her hair twice for us and at least once for someone else.  This is where it all started.  She starts with very long straight hair.  She has never had short hair so decides to only get an angled bob.  Scissors start on dry hair cutting the long hair to the chin.  Long hair is falling everywhere.  The back is too long so we bring in the clippers.  A couple inches of the nape are buzzed super close.  Clippers cut in the angle to the front.  Wet hair with scissors clean up the line.  A quick blow dry and the cut is done.  Maricel loves her new cut.  In Vid 659 she will go much shorter.  Bonus second camera footage available on this video.

Vid 659: