Vid 663 - Janel-10 Long To Short Buzzcut

Welcome back Janel.  She is a fan and personal favorite.  This is her third time with us and she keeps going shorter.  First trip she got a cute above the ears cut.  Years later she went even shorter with a very short cut (links below).  Today it's short buzzcut time.  Janel's long hair is parted with the top hair in a ponytail.  Everything below the part is buzzed with the No. 1 clippers.  The top hair is cut short with scissors.  No. 2 clippers buzz over the top reducing it to 1/4".  The bangs are left a bit longer than our usual giving almost a Caeser haircut.  Janel looks great in her super short buzzcut.  Maybe someday she will return for the final haircut.  Bonus second camera footage available on this video.

Vid 041:

Vid 045:

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