Vid 759 – Elsa Bowlcut To Flattop

Elsa is back for her second cut of the day. On Vid 754 her long hair was cut into a cute shattered bowl cut. Now she will go much shorter. After her bowl cut she got her color down is a deep red. The barber started with guarded clippers just past the bangs, as he pushes straight back. The sides and back are buzzed short as well. The guard is removed and the sides and back are buzzed close. The top back center is buzzed super short as well dictating the length of the flattop. Scissors cut the top down to the final flattop. Shaving cream is added and the back and sides are shaved smooth. Elsa has quite a day starting with long black hair, getting a shattered bowl cut, dyeing that deep red, and finally getting a shaved flattop. She looks amazing throughout all of her cuts.

Second camera footage available on this video.