transients for pigments2

transients for pigments is the third soundpack i've made for arturia's vst synthesizer

transience or transient may refer to:

music, transient (album) by gaelle and transience (album) by steve wilson

science and engeneering (acoustics, astronomy, civil engeneering, computer programming, oscillation)

and other, like a short story by arthur c. clarke, a us program to intercept soviet satellite transmissions, a term for some homeless people and a short story „transients and other disquieting stories“ by darrell schweitzer


mono no aware, a feeling of transience in japanese cuture. temporality, the linear progression of past, present and future


64 presets

367,1 mb sample data

specific sound parameters are mapped to the modulation wheel and to the four macro knobs, like fm, pd modulation, the grain parameters or the dry/ wet signal of the effects.

19 Pads
12 Key
12 SFX
8  Lead
6 Brass
5 Sequence
2 String

to import presets / banks, please follow these steps:

- download the .pgtx file
- open the Pigments plugin in your DAW
- click on the picture / plugin name on the top left