vortex for virus ti

128 presets for the Access Virus TI synthesizer

on mac os: drop the patch.preset into "Library-Application-Support-Access Music Virus TI-Patches"

on windows: drop the patch.preset into your folder where access patches are, for example :c\...\mydocuments\access music\

open Virus Control Panel in your DAW where you can load mid files directly without messing around with the Virus TI

compatible with Virus TI2

what people say on soundcloud:

"This whole thing is a nice avant-garde synth track within itself."
Michael mercer

"Super stuff, quite impressive."

"Shows the depths of the synth engine, and of course beautiful sound design"
the echo map

"So good Uwe, I'm buying a TI Desktop! ; )."
to cast a giant shadow

"ghostly crystal ships suspended in distilled aethyr!"