metric for hive2

metric for hive2
65 presets for u-he's wavetable synthesizer hive2. 

metric is a perfect sound collection for film makers, sound designers and musicians who think off the beaten path. you'll find smooth sounding, airy pads as well as unique, experimental, digital sounds, pulsating bass sequences, fragile and delicate sounds, sound structures to build up tension and much more.

many presets overlap in different sound categories, like pads that have a rhytmic element or pulsating bass sounds that are fx at the same time. 

fx parameters are dynamically modulated in a lot of presets by lfo's or the shapers at example.

the soundset contains:

16 bass instruments (rhythmic/ pulse), 10 fx presets (rhythmic/ pulse), 24 pad instruments (rhytm/ pulse), 8 pluck presets (key/pulse/bell), 3 lead sounds, 2 key sounds and 2 sequence/ arp/ pulse presets.

please unzip the metric file.

on mac os: drop the preset bank into user-library-audio-presets- u-he-hive

on windows: winOS: /[your VST folder]/hive/