pulse for hive2

64 presets for u-he's wavetable synthesizer hive2. 

the main focus is on pulses, modulation and moving sounds.

bass/ sub bass pulses, pulsing modulated noises, subtle pads with pulsing elements. shimmering, digital, airy pads. pulsating, noisy fx structures. modulated fx. melodic arpeggios and pulses and crisp bell/ mallet sounds.

  • 4 melodic, sequenced/ arpeggiated sounds
  • 12 pulsating pads
  • 13 bass/ sub bass pulses
  • 23 rhythmic fx/ noise structures
  • 1 bass sound
  • 6 pulsating lead/ pluck sounds
  • 2 bell/ mallet sounds
  • 3 synth/ lead sounds

please unzip the pulse file.

on mac os: drop the preset bank into user-library-audio-presets- u-he-hive

on windows: winOS: /[your VST folder]/hive/hive.data/presets/