sound design

photo by ulf büschleb

in the past thirty years as a musician, sounddesign has always been an important part of my work.

i worked with axel hartmann and his company who developed the neuron synthesizer. i created basic sample material for the engine of the neuron as well as preset design.

i also worked with ableton on the new spectral textures instrument.

it is an outstanding instrument that combines field recordings and additve sounds. the main focus are textures and athmospheres.

image by ableton

furthermore i work with stephan schmitt on the new exciting synthesizer C15. i created a soundbank of cinematic presets for the instrument wich you can download here:

image by nonlinear labs

at the same time a collaboration with jason cushing was released, called "doom drones".

it is a collection of eerie, doomful, dark, atmospheric field recordings, designed drones and backgrounds.

image by soundmorph

another soundpack with loops for the company twisted tools was released. a collection of 128 loops for the reaktor instrument ultraloop.

image by twisted tools, photo by ulf büschleb

the next was a collaboration with zero-g released in 2014. it is a multiformat sample pack with 1.7 GB sample material.

image by zero-g

beside clients and collaboration partners that were already mentioned above, there is as well native instruments.

straylight keeps me busy in 2018. i was involved in the creation of sample material and preset design.

image by native instruments

for the synthesizer massive x i created presets too: